REVIEW – Addictions of a Sex Demon


Addictions of a Sex Demon, by Jaye Shields

The third book in the Sex Demons trilogy was absolutely amazing. 5 Zs easily. Not only was it a great climax for all three books, as a stand alone, it was a great story too.

Sephina, Zahra’s sister, a slowly recovering addict, finds herself a new addiction – Axel, a dragon demon known as a quetzalem. As they find themselves spiraling down into love’s embrace, they also find themselves kidnapped by dragon hunters. No spoilers here, but I will say the end was spectacular.

Not only were the characters compelling, as usual, but the story was suspenseful, surprising, and just plain wonderful. Again, I find myself jealous of the love the Shields’ characters find with one another.

There are only a couple questions I would liked to have cleared up in a “series epilogue” of sorts. First, Reza is Zahra’s brother… isn’t that going to make for some awkward Christmas dinners considering he stole Lennox’s wife, even if it was for the better? Second, Sephina’s addiction was never FULLY cleared up. It says in the epilogue that she had been clean a month, but she had been clean a month before that and relapsed. I wanted more closure with that.

Other than that, GREAT trilogoy. I wish Shields would go back and rewrite them into full novels! I highly recommend them and give the series 5 Zs. Jaye Shields should be proud of the work she’s completed. If you haven’t read it, get it! The new cover was just released!



Check out my other reviews for part one and part two.


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Had a great day at work yesterday, and when I left work in the wee hours last night/this morn, I was in a good mood. I was tired, but I needed to go grab a money order for the rent, so I decided I would sit and read for a little bit while I wait for the mini-mart to open. After a while, I got tired of sitting there, so drove down the road to grab something to drink.

And that’s when my great day went to shit…

I came out to find my window gone, along with my purse and my work bag. Those rotten assholes who robbed me got everything – they even stole the change in my cupholder and my friggin hoodie. Who steals a goddamn hoodie? What’s worse, they got my wallet with all the money I’ve saved over the past 3 weeks towards rent and…

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REVIEW! Claiming of a Sex Demon!

Claiming of a Sex Demon

Claiming of a Sex Demon, by Jaye Shields

This is book two in Jaye Shields’ sex demon trilogy. It’s sort of a prequel to Confessions, in that it tells the story of Lennox’s wife, Emmerie, and Reza, who is Zahra’s brother, and how they fell in love, which leads to Lennox hunting down Zahra and torturing her for revenge. (If you’re confused, check out my review for Confessions of a Sex Demon here.)

Confessions was a really steamy story, but Claiming was really touching. I found myself really moved by the love Emmerie and Reza found together. Jealous, to be honest. My failed marriage aside, Shields does a great job writing. Her style is, again, easy to read, descriptive, and very hot. The characters, especially Emmerie, are endearing and compelling.

I’m giving book two 5 Zs. Though I think she should reverse the order of Confessions and Claiming, mostly because it makes Claiming really predictable, it was still enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to book 3, Addictions of a Sex Demon.




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A few thoughts for authors.

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As any avid reader knows, picking your next read is often a crap shoot unless you know an author’s work, either from personal experience or the recommendation of a friend. Beyond that, you have no choice but to search among the veritable endless supply of books available, hoping you chose well and spent wisely. Because I hate finding out that what little my money I can afford to spend on books was wasted on one not to my tastes, I tend to be pretty picky about choosing what I’m going to read, and approach my hunt with a system of sorts.

For me, it begins with a cover that appeals to me, followed by a description that intrigues me. But, even with an appealing cover and an intriguing description, there is no guarantee it will be a good read, so I often find myself turning to the number of positive reviews…

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Interesting article for authors

Wow, who knew? 😉

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Received an email earlier from author David Hudnut in regards to an interesting article he found about luck being a large part of an author’s toolkit for sucess. Thank you David for sharing this with all of us.

Tomorrow I will have the great privilege of posting an interview with David. He is an amazing author and talented illustrator and musician. I’m looking forward to it.

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REVIEW – Confessions of a Sex Demon

Confessions of a Sex Demon, by Jaye Shields


I’m giving this novella 4.5 Zs.

Lennox is a sexy blacksmith (who doesn’t love blacksmiths?) with a grudge against sex demons, and Zahra’s brother especially. So, in order to punish her brother, he goes after Zahra. There are two long, luscious days of torture for Zahra to endure before Lennox has a change of heart.

The story is extremely well written. Ms. Shield’s style is easy to read, enticing, exciting, and hot. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 Zs is because of the believability, and I’m not talking about the sex demons part. Lennox’s change of heart came very suddenly and I wish it had had more time to develop fully. As it is, I was left thinking, “Wait, what just happened?”

Great story, though, with interesting characters and a very sexy plot. I’m looking forward to reading the next two and I will be posting reviews on those as well!


Why Agents Stop Reading Your Manuscript

Great advice from Writer’s Digest.

One Way to Wonder

Agents may not read all of your sample pages. Here are some reasons they stop. A fascinating post from Writers Digest!

7 Reasons Agents Stop Reading Your First Chapter |

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